For Investors

evolvT addresses two main trends in the last-mile delivery industry:


  • subcontractor couriers are often forced into unfair work conditions

  • the courier industry is working towards lowering its carbon footprint


evolvT is unique because its solution causes both climate and social positive change. In order to differentiate, couriers adapt to operate with electric vehicles and showcase transparent, fair working conditions. E-stores can then brand their sustainability commitment by associating with a sustainable delivery network. The air in our cities is less polluted with this business model and the margins allow for fair work conditions. Because of our ambitions, we managed to avoid the emission of more than 24 tons of CO2 in 2021 alone.

We are always happy to hear from investors or partners who are willing to collaborate with us or simply contribute through productive feedback.

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Reach to Andreea Spaima for a chat about our business model, scaling up plans, returns and other metrics.